Helping countries and their governments to improve.

We identify the most efficient ways to grow a businesses, countries, and diplomatic procedures.

What do we do?

We are all about one thing: attracting more international renown to the countries we work with.

We help countries grow

We, not only represent the best interests of one country or company, we represent the best countries and the best companies and we will always try to represent it, while we are working with any country that wants to have all the benefits that Hankffer represents.
How does we work?

We'll just go through these 4 easy steps


Let's have a quick discussion of the offers.

What’s on your mind? Corporate, Public or Foreign inversion sector? This is vital for beginning to work.


Defining your selections.

Depending on the selected offers, we will explain the prices, the modality of work and how we will achieve out our primary goal which is help you grow.


Starting the strategy.

We will begin working immediately once selected the offers and strategy and by this point you should start seeing first steps towards the modality you chose.


You can now enjoy the results

By this stage, the only thing left is to maintain the modality we have worked and only enjoy the results.


What our clients say

Interesting modality you have started with, we look forward to begin working.

Per Jensen
Commercial Advisor, General Consulate of the Kingdom of Denmark.
So, Let's talk

Let us help you grow your country and business.